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Exterior 3D Rendering

Crafting Architectural Dreams:

Virtual Reality, Scale Models, Perfection


Designs Crafted in Pixels, Brought to Life in Print



Virtual Reality Tour

Architecture Virtual reality

Tap into the Power of Virtual Reality!

We will take you for a virtual tour in your future dream home with our sophisticated VR glasses.

Virtual Home Tour

Architectural Miniature Models

building miniature model 3d print

Get a miniature model of the futre building printed in 3D! Play around with the components and see which way the furniture will fit better, etc. This is best for presentation & award purposes.

Scale Models

Additional Services

3d floor plan

Our rendering artists create a lifelike birds-eye view of your home and furniture needs by using your architectural blueprint and furniture measurements.

3D Floorplans

Video Walkthrough

video walkthrough architecture

Just like a photographer walked around with a camera. Fly through of residential and commercial projects. Interior and exterior architectural detail.

Video Walthrough

3D Floorplans

The completed presentation enables you to envision your home precisely as it will be, replete with accurate furniture and home measurements. Nothing Unforeseen.


Architectural 3D Rendering

Wherehouse 3d rendering

With the photo-realism of our unique approach we deliver detail.


It is our mission to deliver exceptional service.

State of the art 3D Rendering services

On-Your-Own Program

walk in your 3d model
On-Your-Own Program

With our On-You-Own program, you can actually roam around your future dream home, using the mouse on your pc, & zoom to your desire.



Interior Designer at Work


Avoid miscommunication, unnecessary meetings & client dissatisfaction by presenting your creative ideas with 3D - lifelike renderings.  A typical client doesn’t know how to interpret a blueprint.

about real estate agents web.jpg

In 2016 Nielsons conducted a study & found out that ads that evoke feelings, increase sales by 23% compared to regular ads. There is nothing that can stir a homebuyers emotions better than professional imagery of their future home. Besides that the clients simply have an understanding of what 
they are getting.

about home owner web.jpg

Confused with the options? Tap into the power of 3D! We’ll work with your blueprints and buying options and help you visualize your option and see what suits your needs. Tour your home before it’s built.

about broker web.jpg

We know the challenge for Real Estate Agents to market a property prior to the completion of construction. Let your customers tour their project before it’s built. 3D floor plans will allow your prospective buyers envision their potential home



Real Estate Agents

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Pre-build for Optimal Results

Hours of thought goes into buying and building a new home. You visualize, imagine, and hope
that in the end, it will be as you envisioned it. But imagination doesn’t help ensure that your vision matches the completed project. You want to see exactly how your home will look.

3D Modelize presents you with a realistic 3D rendering that provides you with a crystal-clear view of how your finished home will look.

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